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Beginners Guide to Yoga: Guest Post

Have you ever wondered about the hidden magical properties of yoga? Why people indulge in this activity, what is so enjoyable about it, do you need some special abilities in order to practice it? All sorts of questions emerge, and luckily you can find all the answers right here. There is a lot to tell about this ancient discipline, so for anyone who is interested in why they should try yoga, who would actually enjoy it and where to start actually, this is the right place. Here is a basic guide that will help you understand more thoroughly about this practice:

Why You Should Give It A Try?


When someone mentions yoga, many people assume that it is only a low-impact exercise that provides no concrete results. This is far from the truth, as yoga guarantees long lasting results in many different areas of the human body and mind. Yoga actually represents a physical, mental and spiritual practice with a meditative and spiritual core designed to heal and nourish every aspect of a person. Practicing yoga can help relieve stress, calm your mind but also build muscle, increase flexibility, agility and prevent workout injuries.

Who Can Indulge In This Activity?


If you have thought that only middle aged women practice yoga, you have never been so wrong in your life. There is no age, gender or physical limit when it comes to yoga. Anyone who wishes to improve their abilities, become stronger both physically and mentally can indulge in yoga. The whole goal of yoga is to become one with yourself and learn to grow more every day. Every pose is designed to accommodate your personal needs, ailments or even injuries and disabilities. It is not about competing with others, rather it is a discipline that allows you to compete with your previous self. So basically, yoga is for anyone who wishes to become a better and improved version of themselves.

Where to Start?


Like any other activity, yoga requires some practice as well. But after a short period of time, those who really dedicate themselves to this discipline will be able to get the most out of it. But before that happens, there are few guidelines you should follow. For instance, if you plan on visiting a yoga class, it is a good idea to stay in the back, at least for the first few visits. This will allow you to get a better and clearer understanding of the poses and aid you in your development. Also, another important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm. Do not push yourself or get agitated if you cannot perform a certain pose – it takes time. And in the end, always remember to focus on your breathing. Deep breathing is one of the essential parts of yoga and can greatly contribute to your nervous system and cortisol levels.

What Do You Need?


One of the best things about yoga is that it does not require many things in order to conduct it properly. The most important thing you should have is your will and motivation. But besides that, there are a few things that could make this experience more enjoyable. A yoga mat and props like blocks or straps can aid you in performing certain exercises and poses. What is also very important for men and ladies alike is to invest in some quality and more importantly comfortable sportswear.
There are many benefits of practising yoga and hopefully after reading this article you will have a better understanding of what this discipline actually represents. So why not give it a try? Grab your mat and start practising.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a personal trainer and an editor at fitness blog. She has a degree in nutrition and her goal is to teach people to live a healthy, happy life. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.
I hope you all enjoyed this different type of post on my blog! This is my first featured guest post here on and it was so lovely connecting with Amy! Thanks for reading!
Much love,
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  1. lovely tips! I have wanted to start yoga for awhile now and this has really motivated me :)

    Kathy x

    1. I'm so glad! I'm new to yoga as well and Amy's post was so helpful! Good luck on your yoga journey! xx

  2. Thank you for publishing my post! I am glad you liked it! Yoga can do miracles for both body and soul!


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