Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Go-To Healthy Recipe

Have you ever been hungry but just can't be bothered to take the time to cook?  If you're human, I'm sure you have.  While it can be nice to take the time to create a delicious meal, not everyone has to time to spend over an hour cooking a decent meal.  That's why I decided to share my go-to healthy recipe that literally takes 10 minutes to make if you pre-roast the butternut squash.  That being said, if you want a healthy, delicious, and quick meal that you can have at any time of the day, keep on reading!

For this recipe, you will need:

-*Roasted Butternut Squash (See my Healthy Butternut Squash 'Fries' post)
-Kale (Spinach works great, too!)
-Eggs (however many you desire)
-Grape tomatoes
-Feta cheese
-Oil of choice (I used olive oil but coconut oil would be amazing)
-Spices (I used sea salt and pepper)
*The roasted butternut squash takes about an hour to make, so my tip is to cook a big batch and keep the rest in the fridge so you can just pop them on your plate whenever you make this recipe!

First, you'll want to heat up your oil of choice in a pan and once it is hot, add your kale and let that sautée on low heat whilst you cook the eggs.

I opted for fried eggs, but you could cook your eggs however you want!  Here, I just cracked two whole eggs into my pan with a little bit of olive oil.

While your eggs are cooking, I added some halved grape tomatoes to the kale that has been sautéeing along with sea salt and pepper to taste.

After the eggs are done cooking, the kale and grape tomatoes will be done as well, and that's it!  Now you'll want to assemble everything together.  But don't forget to add the roasted butternut squash and feta cheese! 

I absolutely love the combination of all these flavors.  The eggs and kale add a savory taste while the roasted butternut squash give a perfect touch of sweetness.  As you can see, this recipe requires hardly any work at all!  The butternut squash is really the only time-consuming part of this entire recipe, so like I said before, whip up a batch of this Sunday night so it's all ready to go for the week ahead!  I hope you enjoy this delicious and nutritious meal as much as I do!  If you decide to make this recipe, be sure to send me a snap, tweet me, or tag me on Instagram so I can see your beautiful recreations of this recipe!  Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Coat, New Beginnings

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas filled with love, laughter, good food, and happiness!  I spent the day at my grandparents house with my cousins that I hadn't seen in seven years!  It was so wonderful being able to catch up with them again, especially because we were always so close when we were young. And you bet I treated myself to quite a few (okay, a lot) of cookies.  But hey! The holiday's are meant to be enjoyed. 

I am so grateful for all the amazing and thoughtful gifts that I received from my parents.  It was a tough year in terms of money, yet my parents still went above and beyond for my brother and I.  One of my gifts this year was this stunning camel coat from, (yup, you guessed it again) Forever 21. 

I've dreamed of owning a long camel coat for years but they were either too expensive or just didn't fit me right.  Once I saw this one in Forever 21, I knew it was the perfect match.  Originally $63 with thirty-percent off, I managed to get my hands on this stunner for only $44!  My favorite feature of this coat that you don't typically see on others is the fact that it has a hood.  Now I know a hood may not be a selling factor for some, but if you're anything like me who gets extremely cold ears from the wind, you'll know that this is a big deal.
A coat is supposed to keep you warm. (Thanks, Captain Obvious!) But over the past few years, I've struggled to find a stylish coat that keeps it's original purpose.  Luckily, as soon as I tried this baby on, I knew I was in luck. Stylish, cozy, and features a hood, this coat is a necessity in any wardrobe.  Plus, this style of coat looks great with almost any outfit.  Pair this coat with jeans like I did here, or even over-top a dress or skirt and you have the perfect winter outfit to look good and stay warm and cozy.

As 2015 comes to a rapid end, this time of year signifies creating new goals for a fresh start to the New Year.  As you create a list of your goals for 2016, don't forget to reflect on all the amazing things you've accomplished this year.  Focus on the positive and hey, if you didn't accomplish a goal that you set for 2015, don't sweat it!  Simply add it to the list for 2016 and know that with the New Year, we are all given a fresh start and a new beginning.  Thanks for reading and I wish you a happy finish to the holiday season!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Festive in Red


Can you believe Christmas is in two days?  Two days! It literally felt like yesterday was just Halloween.  Nevertheless, I can't complain.  Christmas has got to be my all time favorite holiday.  I mean, how could you not love the Christmas films, bright lights, decorations, and just the genuine, positive vibes during this time of year?  Of course I cannot forget the time off from school or work and spending quality time with friends and family.  That's always a bonus. 

When it comes to choosing an outfit for Christmas Day, I always keep two things in mind: class and comfort.  Now don't get me wrong, lounging around in my pajamas Christmas Day would be awesome, but that ship sailed when I entered the teenage years. Plus, there's just something I love about dressing up.  Maybe it's because I feel most confident when I know I'm wearing a killer outfit. 
That's why I adore this outfit.  It's comfortable, it's classy, and it makes me feel bad*ss!  What more can you ask for?  But, I do have a confession to make. This entire outfit is from Forever 21! I'm practically a walking Forever 21 advertisement.  But what can I say?  Their clothes are super affordable without skimping on style.
As you can tell from the picture above, it's quite cold outside. (If you look closely enough, I may happen to resemble a foreign relative of Rudolph with my beet red nose.)  I bought this dress back in September when the temperature was still warm, so I added a high neck, long sleeve top underneath for some added warmth and chose over-the-knee boots to shield my legs from the cold.   All in all, this outfit could be transformed to suit a multitude of temperatures, which is a total money saver if you're budget conscious like me!
I apologize for this post being all over the place!  My mind can't seem to process thoughts because it feels like it is running in a million different directions.  That being said, I am SO excited for Christmas break.  This time off is much needed so that I can recharge and relax.  Plus, it means more time that I'll have to dedicate to my blog, which makes me ecstatic! Thank you for reading and I wish you a very, merry Christmas and a happy New Year!  Don't forget to spend time with the people you love, relax, and laugh at every chance you get. 
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Golden Girl Makeup Tutorial

Christmas is in five days and 2016 is coming upon us rapidly.  All of this festivity and happiness can only mean one thing...parties! Whether you'll be dropping it down low at your friend's party or just chilling with your family, parties are a part of the holiday season.  That being said, I've created the perfect makeup tutorial that will be sure to turn heads when you walk through the door.  It consists of golden tone colors and dark neutrals that look beautiful with any skin tone or eye color.

Gorgeous eye makeup isn't complete without a flawless base, so I've already applied my Maybelline Fit Me foundation to even out my skin tone and give me a glowing finish without feeling like I'm wearing a ton of product.

I have quite oily skin if you remember from My Everyday Makeup post, so here I've applied my favorite Rimmel pressed powder.

After I've filled in my (atrocious) eyebrows, it's time for the fun to begin.  Are you ready?

Throughout this tutorial, I will be using the e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow palette in "Golden Goddess". I'm starting off with applying a light shimmery base to my lids. This helps cover up any redness or veins on my eyelids.

Starting from the outer corner, I am applying the next color in this palette through my crease, making sure to blend it out to get rid of any harsh lines.  To apply this, I used a soft blending brush from e.l.f. (Tip: apply tape on the outer corner of your eye for a clean, crisp finish!)

Next I am taking this insanely gorgeous rose-gold color and popping in right over top of the previous color.  By using both colors throughout your crease, it softens the look a bit and I love the way these colors accent one another! Don't forget to blend!

Taking the darkest color in this palette, I am applying it to my very outer corner of my eye and dragging it through the outer "v" to darken the look up just a bit. 

Remove the tape (careful you don't pull your skin too hard- I learned that the hard way!) and apply your favorite mascara.  I used the Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express mascara in classic black.  This step is optional, (especially if you get a bit squeamish applying product to your waterline) but here I've applied a black eyeliner to my upper waterline to make my lashes appear fuller.  If you skip this step, feel free to add false lashes or winged eyeliner to make this look more intense and dramatic!

To finish this look, I took a white shimmery color from this Maybelline palette in "Hushed Tints" to my brow bone and inner corner to brighten up the eyes.  I also took that same dark brown shade from the e.l.f. palette and dragged it on my lower lash line.

Voila! I am totally in love with this look.  It looks so flattering on any eye color and is the perfect way to smoke up your look without going too dark or intense, which is important if you're just starting out with eyeshadows like me.  This look is perfect for the holidays because of the golden and shimmery colors. I will definitely be wearing this look on Christmas and even New Year's!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had so much fun taking these photos but I'm hoping I'll be able to save up enough money for a new camera that can take videos so I can do a proper video tutorial.  Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How To Look Festive Without Overdoing It

Now most people will refrain completely from wearing red and green together in fear of looking like Christmas threw up on them, but not me!  Paired the right way with subtle tones, red and green could actually look quite cute paired together.  This outfit would be perfect for a Christmas party as it is super festive yet comfortable at the same time. 
 What I think works best when pairing these two colors together is the tones of these colors.  This romper features a dark, olive green color and pops of white, so the green isn't too overwhelming.  Had this romper been bright green, it probably would look like Christmas had an accident. To incorporate the red color of the famous festive duo, I chose a red handbag rather than another clothing piece.  By doing this, the colors are more broken up and don't look too intense.
As for shoes, these H&M black ankle boots are SO comfortable.  I'm quite a newbie to heels, so chunky boots are my go-to until I find the courage to wear proper heels.  Obviously tights are a must being it is December, so black tights help to balance out the colors of this outfit.

So there we have it! Finally an outfit that you can wear during the Christmas season without looking like a total nut.  If you're not rocking an ugly Christmas sweater, definitely try to use this outfit as a guide to looking festive and fun for your next Christmas event.  Don't forget to snap, tweet, or tag me on Instagram a picture of you strutting your festive outfit for this jolly season! And comment below what you are most excited for this holiday season!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Bag: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product2.aspx?BR=F21&Category=ACC&ProductID=1000096037 (Couldn't find the exact, but I love this one as well!)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Three Ways To Style a Suede Skirt

This black suede skirt from Forever 21 has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since I bought it.  Stylish and versatile, you can pair this skirt will a ton of different outfits to create an outfit suitable to your style.  And if you ask me, that's what every piece of clothing in your wardrobe should be if you are on a budget.  Here, I styled this skirt three ways: casual, chic, and classy. 
Casual and comfortable is the way to go when you can't bother to wear and that requires too much effort.  Here, I paired the skirt with a black leather jacket, a black crop top, and (of course!) my Adidas Superstars. As for jewelry, this multi-metal braided necklace really stands out against the all black outfit.  This look is (almost) as comfortable as jeans and a tee but much more put together.  I love the whole rocker-vibe of this outfit because if I'm going to be honest, I felt pretty bad*ss in this.

 Over-the-knee boots are my newest obsession. They are so flattering and look great with nearly any outfit.  I opted for a cobalt blue sweater for a pop of color to the all black bottom half of my body and you can never go wrong with a statement necklace!

Outfits with class and sophistication can never be overlooked in my book, so I chose a collared blouse and cut-out ankle boots for this look. I stuck with the minimalistic vibe of this outfit and added a simple silver bar necklace. 
If you're working with a budget but still want to look stylish, my best piece of advice is to find versatile pieces that can be paired to make a dozen different outfits.  Trust me when I say that I would love to own cobalt blue ankle boots or a bright red trench coat, but unfortunately those pieces aren't in my budget at the moment, so I just have to work with what I have!  Thanks for reading and tweet, tag me on Instagram, or snap me a picture if you recreated these looks to your liking!
Much love,
Gabriella xx
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