Friday, September 30, 2016

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to the Autumnal Season

A few years back, I firmly believed that one must have distinct clothes for each of the four seasons and that wearing one season's clothes during the next season was against the rules. I now really wonder, where the heck did I get this "rule" from and what in the world I was thinking? As a young adult who now understands the value of money, I quickly realized that this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and that it is so incredibly important to have pieces in your wardrobe that can be transitioned into the changing seasons.

In today's post, I want to share with you guys different pieces of clothing that can be styled from the summer to autumn season and how you can make the most of your wardrobe.

Depending on where you live, the months of September and October can still bring some warmer temperatures. That being said, I still think you can get away with wearing shorts in the early autumn season. Here, I am wearing these super comfortable (yet classy!) silky shorts that I got quite a while ago from T.J. Maxx. I love the pleating on these shorts and the clever belt that you can tie into a bow. (Here are a similar pair I found for a great price!) Worst case scenario, you can always pop a pair of tights underneath to keep warm while still getting more use out of your summer shorts.
I am a massive fan of cropped sweaters and I'm not exactly sure why I am so obsessed with them. Nevertheless, if you've got yourself a quite thin cropped sweater, you can totally transition it into the autumn season. Throw over top a leather jacket or thin cardigan and you've got yourself a perfect autumnal outfit while getting the most out of your summer wardrobe. (Link to a similar cropped sweater to mine can be found here.)
Who says you can't wear dresses even once the temperature drops? To style dress in the autumn, here are my top tips:
1.Tights- Like I mentioned before about pairing tights underneath shorts, this is also a great idea when trying to make the most of those cute summer dresses hanging in your closet.
2. Knee High Boots-Pairing knee high boots with a dress provides more skin coverage to shield you from the cooler temperatures. (Plus, wearing tall boots with a shorter dress creates the illusion of longer legs!)
Though I haven't styled a summer dress for the autumn season in this post, I can definitely do that if you guys want me to (leave a comment below or tweet me @gabbyautumnx).
Hope you enjoyed this type of how-to post rather than me just rambling about stuff! How do you transition your summer wardrobe to the autumnal season?
Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

In today's post, I really wanted to talk about a topic that I feel is extremely important in today's world with social media.  This topic is something that I have (and still do) struggle with and that I am sure a lot of you reading this struggle with, too. And that is comparison. Now, I think a little bit of comparison in certain situations is totally harmless. For example, comparing your favorite films and television shows with your best friend is obviously completely normal. However, when we start comparing things like our bodies, our choices, and our lives to others (especially those on social media), things can start taking a turn for the worse.
When we compare ourselves to other people, it is basically the same thing as comparing an apple to a zucchini. This is because an apple is a fruit and a zucchini is a vegetable (in case you didn't know this already...jokes!). But what I mean by this is that comparing an apple to a zucchini is meaningless because they are so extremely different. And the same goes for you and the popular girl at school or the girl with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.
That girl you follow on Instagram with her seemingly perfect body, hair, makeup, boyfriend and life is only showing you a snapshot of time. That picture took literally half a second to take and does not fully reflect her life or daily situation. She most likely doesn't walk around with her makeup and hair done to perfection and her and her boyfriend have probably had as many arguments in the past year as you do fingers on your hand.  And that girl showing off her washboard abs does not walk around with those all 24 hours of the day. She is most definitely flexing in the best lighting possible to make her abs look like that.
My point here is that when you begin to compare yourself with the people you see on social media or really anywhere, you begin to feel more crap about yourself.  You start to believe that just because you don't have a bangin' body or perfect eyebrows that you are any less of a person. You start to believe that because they look like what society deems "perfect" (newsflash, this does not exist!) and you don't that people will care about you less and love you less.
But I promise you that they won't. And do you want to know why? Because you are not her (or him). You are you. You were not put on this Earth to look and act like someone you are not. You were not put on this Earth for the sole reason to have a perfect body, makeup, and life. The next time you scroll through your Instagram feed, tap through Snapchat Stories, or watch YouTube videos and you come across someone you wish you looked like, I want you to stop yourself. Instead of comparing yourself to that person and wishing that you could look or be like them, I want you to look in the mirror and name ten things you love about yourself or your life. Instead of comparing, contrast. Say, "While she has a nice body, I have a pretty damn good sense of humor." Or, "While she has a really hot Instagram boyfriend, I have an amazing group of supportive friends." Do you see the difference? Rather than putting yourself down because of your differences, make an effort to appreciate the differences. Stop putting yourself down. Stop critiquing every little minuscule imperfection. No one is perfect, no matter how much they make it seem. Perfect is boring. Be quirky.  Be weird. Be yourself. And for goodness sake, love yourself no matter what you look like.  
Thanks for reading and I hope this post inspired you to start loving yourself for who you truly are.
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making a Comeback

Hmm...where do I start? Well, first I think I should clear the air by saying that I am back to blogging baby. For good. Pinky promise. I know that I said this in my last blog post (about 2 months ago...yikes!) and I really don't have a valid excuse. Besides the fact that my life plans have changed in that I have decided that college is on the horizon and how I am still struggling with the whole weight and insecurity issues, these things should not have thrown my passion, blogging, to the curb. 
During the months of my time off, blogging was always in the back of my mind. Whenever I scrolled through my Instagram feed, a feeling of guilt and sadness flooded my body because seeing pictures of other bloggers made me feel like I was missing out. Here were my fellow bloggers doing what they loved most and I wasn't. Something that made me so happy and full of life was put on a long hold all because of some roadblocks in the way.
The silver lining? I realized during my time away that blogging is something I truly, truly love doing. I love photography and I love writing. My blog is a place, my place, where I can express myself and be creative. The feeling I get when publishing a new blog post is the same feeling my dad gets when his favorite football team wins a game. Just pure, utter happiness.
But that's enough of the sappy talk for now. Onto other news, can you guys believe that 2016 is nearly over already? I don't know about you, but I am overwhelmingly excited for the fall/autumn season to come. Cozy sweaters and sweatshirts, boots, changing leaves, and fall sports are what I love most about this time of year. Of course, I can't forget about the fact that it means Halloween and Christmas are coming soon! But seriously, where does time go? All I can say is that I hope 2017 brings more laughter, happiness, and memories (because you can never have too much of that).
Now that I am back for good, I want to know what type of posts you want to see from me! Do you want more beauty, fitness, advice, or random, chatty types of posts? Let me know in the comments! Oh, I'm also looking into purchasing a new camera...preferably the oh-so-famous Olympus Pen E-PL7. If you have any input or opinions on the camera, be sure to let me know as well!
It truly feels so amazing to be writing again and I can't wait to continue on. Be sure to leave your links below to your blogs and Instagram's so I can give you a follow and stalk your blog :) Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Week Of My Workouts & Updates on Life!

Hey loves! I'm finally back to blogging after about a month off. Now, I feel like I owe you guys an explanation about why I've been absent for a bit before we get into the purpose of this post.
As you may or may not know (I've talked about it on my Instagram @gabriella.autumn) I've been struggling a bit for the past few months or so. In a nutshell, I gained about twenty-five pounds over the course of about seven months due to taking antidepressants/anxiety medication. Obviously no one likes to see that they've gained weight, but what really messed with my mind is that it all happened in such a short amount of time and especially because I was working out even harder than I was before and watching my diet with a microscope (not actually, just a figure of speech). On top of that, I was (and still am) dealing with a million and one symptoms resembling a condition where my thyroid is not working properly. Nevertheless, I've finally learned that my life doesn't have to come to a halt just because I'm not feeling too hot, which is why I am happy to be back. Now, lets get on with the content you really came here for!

I am a fitness freak; a gym rat if you will. If I could have it my way, I would find a job that pays me to work out. I know, crazy right? 
I decided that as my first post back from my short break, I would share with you all a week of my workouts in hopes to motivate and inspire at least ONE person to make a change for their mind, body, and confidence. Keep in mind that I try to mix up my workouts every few weeks or so because like my dad always says, you're body will become accustomed to the workouts if you continue doing them for too long. If you would like me to post a video showing you what each exercise is on my Instagram, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can do that! Without further adieu, let's get into it!

Monday is the first 'real' day of the week, which is why it is so important to start off your workouts strong so that you stay motivated for the rest of the week. Typically, Monday's workout looks a little something like this:

- Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide: Legs and Cardio: The Bikini Body Guides (a.k.a BBG) are a workout program that follows a circuit type of routine in which you perform four different exercises however many times you can in seven minutes. There are two circuits, and you repeat the entire thing again totaling to a 28 minute workout. (So you'll do Circuit One for seven minutes, then Circuit Two for seven minutes, and then repeat the whole thing one more time.)

-Hamstrings, Glutes and Shoulders: Being the BBG workout includes plenty of exercises that work the quadricep muscle, I'll move onto the other two major leg muscles: your hamstrings and glutes. Do not be afraid to lift weights ladies. I PROMISE that they will NOT make you look like a man or be too bulky. If you are really concerned, keep your reps between 12-15 for about three to four sets. 

For hamstrings, I like to do: single leg RDL's, stiff leg deadlifts, and the hamstring curl machine. Glutes usually consists of glue kickbacks and split squats. For shoulders, I usually either do sitting shoulder presses with dumbbells or standing shoulder presses using a barbell, lateral raises and upright rows.


- 45 minutes on any form of cardio machine (incline walk on the treadmill, Stairmaster, or elliptical depending on how sore I am)
-Back, Biceps and Ab workout: This workout typically consists of assisted pull ups (still working on being able to do these unassisted!), lat pull downs, wide grip rows, cross cable reverse flys, back extensions, bicep curls, hanging ab raises, and lots and lots of planks!


- Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Arms and Abs
-Chest and Triceps: bench press using dumbbells or smith machine, chest flys, incline chest press, tricep extensions, and tricep pushdowns


- 45 minutes of intervals on any cardio machine (i.e. 30sec sprint/ 1 min walking on treadmill or Level 10 for 1 min/ Level 5 for 30 sec on Stairmaster, etc.)
-Leg day including quadriceps exercises such as squats


-BBG Full Body
- Shoulders and Abs


- 45 minutes low intensity cardio
-Back and Biceps



Note: It is so important that you take at LEAST one rest day a week to give your body and muscles a chance to recover. 

I hope you enjoyed my first post back and please please leave any blog post suggestions down in the comments! Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

*Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer and am not claiming that this is the only way to workout. I am just sharing what I do in hopes to give people who do not know what to do some inspiration. You do NOT have to do my exact workout because this is what works for ME. Find what works best for you and don't worry about what everyone else is doing. As long as you are doing what makes you feel good and what works for you, than that's all that matters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How To Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Most of us have been here before. You start eating really well, you've been getting your butt into the gym, and you're actually seeing results! But as time goes by, you start to notice that the scale isn't budging anymore, despite your hard efforts.

I know exactly how this feels. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have read a post about my experience with a 20lb weight gain in 7 months. Yikes. But the worst part of it all? The weight gain wasn't even my fault...

And no, I promise I'm not making excuses. I was put on antidepressants back in October to help with my anxiety and depression due to all the crazy things that have been going on in my life (i.e. moving, having no friends, etc). At first, I thought being on medication was really going to help me. But flash forward seven months and it finally clicks in my head that my jeans haven't shrunk in the dryer, but I've actually put on a solid 20 lbs. I can't express to you how confused and frustrated I am. How can I be working out harder in the gym and watching explicitly what I put into my mouth, but still be gaining weight? After doing so assessing, I realized that the weight gain all boiled down to one thing...that damn medication.

Now, I'm not saying that being on medication is a bad thing, because it totally helps people have a better quality of life. However, I think doctors are too quick to put you on medication without assessing the real, underlying issue and especially without telling you the drastic side effects that go along with it. Okay, I'm starting to ramble on here. But I just wanted to show you that you're not alone if you are in a weight loss journey. We are all in this together!  Now, let's get to what this post is really about.

Before I get to my main tips, I first want you to find a mirror. Look at yourself and tell yourself (out loud!) five things you like about yourself. This can be anything; your eyes, lips, teeth, humor, eyebrows...the list goes on. The reason why I want you to do this first is because we have to remember (myself included!) that we are not defined by the number on the scale or how far we have to go to squeeze our thighs into those skinny jeans. We are so much more than that. Got your five things? Write them down on a piece on paper and tape that shit onto your mirror so that every time you look at yourself to criticize what you hate about yourself, you can remember all the things you love about who you are. Got that? Alright, let's move on to the tips!

1. Assess Your Eating Patterns
Do you find yourself mindlessly heading to the pantry after dinner time? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a night snack. But if you are hit with cravings as soon as you cleaned your dinner plate, something isn't right. Be sure you are filling up with a nutrient dense dinner including healthy carbs, proteins, and most importantly, fats. Healthy fats will keep you satiated a heck of a lot longer than any other macronutrient because they take a longer time for the body to break down. If you truly cannot rid yourself of those post-dinner cravings, make yourself a cup of green tea with a squeeze of honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Change Up Your Workouts
My father tells me this like it is his job. I am a culprit of sticking to the same workout routine for months and months on end. It's no wonder I am no longer seeing any progress! When you stick to the same workouts, whether that'd be strength training, running, or circuits, your body will eventually get used to it. It will no longer be put into shock and have to adapt to the stress you are putting your body under. Instead, it will say, "Been here, done that. I know exactly how much I should be expending to get through this workout. Easy peasy." And you do not want this to happen. When your body gets used to a certain workout, it no longer has to adapt to the workout because you are using the same muscles and burning the same amount of calories every time. Instead of doing a steady-paced 3 mile run, switch it up by doing intervals. Sprint all out for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute. This type of training is called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. By doing this type of interval training, it'll give your metabolism a boost and your body will keep burning calories even after you've completed your workout!

3. Don't Just Eat for Calories, Eat for Nutrients
While counting calories can be helpful for some, I do not recommend it. As someone who has counted calories for two years now (yikes!), it eventually becomes very tedious and can even become obsessive. You become so fixated on the number of calories that you forget to feed your body what it truly needs; food that is nutrients dense and is as processed as little as possible. Think about it like this, your body would much rather be fed 100 calories worth of sweet potato than it would being fed a 100 calorie cookie snack pack. That snack pack has close to zero nutrients for your body while the sweet potato has quality carbohydrates, vitamin A, fiber, and vitamin B-6. When your body is lacking certain nutrients, it can cause you to crave unhealthy foods in order to get those nutrients it needs. A common example is if you crave chocolate, your body is really craving magnesium, which can be found in raw nuts, seeds, and some fruits. 

4. Just Because You Exercised, Doesn't Mean You Can Pig Out
This mentality is very common among most people. They feel that because they went for a run that it is an excuse to pig out on pizza and ice cream. There are a few things wrong with this type of mentality. Firstly, pizza and ice cream are not a quality post-workout meal/snack. After a workout, you should be refueling with quality protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Notice the words "quality" and "healthy". Secondly, keep in the back of your mind the basic premise of weight loss: burning more calories than you take in. While I hate to put such an emphasis on calories (because its potential to become obsessive), if you only burn 300 calories in your workout and you consume 600 calories after your workout, you could potentially be going over your daily calorie allowance (also referred to as you Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE). The most effective way to ensure that you are not going over your TDEE without relying on calorie counting apps or recording everything you eat on paper, is to simply move your body, listen to your body's hunger and fullness cues, and practice portion control. 

I hope these tips help you assess what could be causing your weight loss plateau! However, I just want you to remember that you are so much more than the number on the scale. Rather than tracking your progress by stepping on the scale, track your progress through pictures, the way you feel, and how you fit into your clothes. Take progress pictures on an empty stomach, in the same position with as close to the same lighting and timing as possible. This will give you the most accurate comparison. Obviously your stomach may look a tad bigger after you've eaten a whole day's worth of food compared to as soon as you wake up in the morning! Keep in mind that other more important factors for weight loss other than looking physically better such as feeling more confident in yourself and having more energy to live your life!

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know if you want me to continue with these health and fitness posts!
Much love,
Gabriella xx


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Making Changes

Change is a part of life. Whether good or bad, they happen for reason. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. If it is meant to happen, it will; and we need to accept those changes and embrace them. Take advantage of them. Experience them. Learn from them.
Take my move to PA, for example.  This move was a huge change for me. A new state, new people, and a new way of life. I was actually really excited for this new move in the beginning. I would have the chance to make new friends and live in a new home. I had really high expectations about this new move that I would make a whole load of new friends and finally get my social life back. However, as time went on, I realized that these expectations were far beyond what reality was turning out to be. Sure, I had made some new friends, but my dream of having a close group of friends like the ones I left behind in NJ didn't quite fall into place like I had expected them to. Nearly a year after the move, I still find myself struggling to find my people, as in the people who share my same interests, dream, and mentality.
But what can I do about it? I can't just pack up my things and tell my family, "Sorry, I don't really fit in with these people. I'm gonna move back to our old town. See ya!" No, I can't do that. But what I can do is accept this massive change and reflect on all the positive things that have happened since moving here. My new blog, my new mentality, my new change at heart in not going to college and pursuing my passion. Who knows, had I stayed in my old town, these things may never have happened. I could still be forcing myself to maintain straight A's at school while my mental health plummeted down the drain from stress. I could still be trying to convince myself that I have to go to college in order to be successful. I never would have realized that pursing your passion is more important than doing something you don't truly love. I wouldn't be graduating high school a year early.  And I can't tell you how grateful I am that these changes have occurred.
What I am trying to say here is that when something unexpected happens or a change in your life occurs that didn't pan out the way you wanted it to, don't crumble and fall. Don't remorse about how much you hate this new change and make yourself miserable. Stay positive and reflect on the good things that have happened since that change. And if you can't find something good, dig deeper. That change happened for a reason.
As I continue on with my blog and Instagram, I want you to be aware of a change that will be happening regarding my content. Because my dream is to be a Personal Trainer and hopefully create my own workout and lifestyle guide, there will be a massive increase in fitness related posts on my Instagram and blog. Don't get my wrong, I still love fashion and I still will be posting and blogging about it, but expect sweaty workout selfies, workout videos, meals, and other fitness related jazz on my Instagram. As for my blog, expect workouts, recipes, and health/fitness product reviews. I am not trying to portray a girl who has her entire life together with the cutest outfits and a perfect Instagram feed. I am trying to be me. And I am a girl who loves fitness but also loves fashion as well and sometimes has a really damn hard time motivating herself to workout and eat healthy.
I want to be able to connect with other fitness enthusiasts through my Instagram from all over the world and be able to inspire and motivate them to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. I also want to be able to show them that life is not just about fitness and you can take your hair out of your ponytail, put on some makeup and a cute outfit and go have fun and explore. Those people are my people.
And those are the people I want to be around. "Your vibe attracts your tribe." And I am surely not attracting my tribe if I only post perfectly edited photos on my Instagram. I want people who genuinely want to follow my Instagram; not just follow me to get a follow back on their account. I hope you guys understand where I am coming from when implementing this change. If you don't care about health and fitness, I will not be upset if you choose to unfollow me and forgo reading my blog. But this is a change I want to make. And I am willing to accept the negatives that come with it.
Sorry for this ramble and if you read this entire post, cheers to you. Thank you for reading!
Much love,
Gabriella xx 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coachella Dreamin'

Whoops, did I say Coachella? I think I meant to say "couch-ella". Get it? Alright, I'll be quiet now.
Let's be honest...the majority of us wish we went to Coachella. The music, the clothes, the people, and the general positive vibes would all do us some good. So while I was scrolling through Instagram liking all the photos of people at Coachella, (and trying not to shed a about major FOMO!) I thought it would bring us dreamers some peace if I created my own version of a perfect Coachella outfit...for under $60!
If you don't already know, my fashion posts are all about affordability without sacrificing quality or style. This is why I choose to shop at the stores that I do. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, and Charlotte Russe all provide insanely cute clothes for a reasonable price. However, there is one type of store that I am forgetting about that tops off the list... thrift stores.
Now, I know some people refrain from even stepping foot into a thrift store because they fear that the clothes are dirty and aren't their style. But for the majority of thrift stores out there, this is not the case; you just have to find the right one. One of my favorite thrift stores here in PA is called Plato's Closet. Oh my goodness you guys, this place is insane. They literally have everything from active wear to regular clothes to shoes, you name it. And all for an incredible price!
For example, you see that purse that I am carrying? I originally saw it in Target a few months ago retailing for $30. Guess how much I paid for it at my thrift store? Four dollars. And yes, I typed that correctly. Four dollars for a purse in perfect condition and with the money I saved, I was able to buy this romper from Forever 21 retailing for $26.
It's wouldn't be Coachella without bohemian statement necklaces, right? When I saw this gold fringe bib necklace from Forever 21 for only $8, I pretty much flipped. As for my shoes, I'm sure you've see them before on my blog because I am in love with them. However, Forever 21 doesn't keep items on their website for longer than a few weeks, so I couldn't find you the exact link. Nevertheless, I did manage to find a very similar pair for the same price of only $17! I managed to pick up these sunglasses from Forever 21 for only $5. This entire outfit, from head to toe, cost me only $55. At some shops, you can hardly buy a dress for this price, let alone an entire outfit!
And there you have it! A Coachella inspired outfit for a fraction of what people usually pay. While I won't be attending Coachella, I at least have a bad*ss outfit, and that's good enough for me!
Thanks for reading and let me know below what you would wear to Coachella!
Much love,
Gabriella xx

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