Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coachella Dreamin'

Whoops, did I say Coachella? I think I meant to say "couch-ella". Get it? Alright, I'll be quiet now.
Let's be honest...the majority of us wish we went to Coachella. The music, the clothes, the people, and the general positive vibes would all do us some good. So while I was scrolling through Instagram liking all the photos of people at Coachella, (and trying not to shed a about major FOMO!) I thought it would bring us dreamers some peace if I created my own version of a perfect Coachella outfit...for under $60!
If you don't already know, my fashion posts are all about affordability without sacrificing quality or style. This is why I choose to shop at the stores that I do. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, and Charlotte Russe all provide insanely cute clothes for a reasonable price. However, there is one type of store that I am forgetting about that tops off the list... thrift stores.
Now, I know some people refrain from even stepping foot into a thrift store because they fear that the clothes are dirty and aren't their style. But for the majority of thrift stores out there, this is not the case; you just have to find the right one. One of my favorite thrift stores here in PA is called Plato's Closet. Oh my goodness you guys, this place is insane. They literally have everything from active wear to regular clothes to shoes, you name it. And all for an incredible price!
For example, you see that purse that I am carrying? I originally saw it in Target a few months ago retailing for $30. Guess how much I paid for it at my thrift store? Four dollars. And yes, I typed that correctly. Four dollars for a purse in perfect condition and with the money I saved, I was able to buy this romper from Forever 21 retailing for $26.
It's wouldn't be Coachella without bohemian statement necklaces, right? When I saw this gold fringe bib necklace from Forever 21 for only $8, I pretty much flipped. As for my shoes, I'm sure you've see them before on my blog because I am in love with them. However, Forever 21 doesn't keep items on their website for longer than a few weeks, so I couldn't find you the exact link. Nevertheless, I did manage to find a very similar pair for the same price of only $17! I managed to pick up these sunglasses from Forever 21 for only $5. This entire outfit, from head to toe, cost me only $55. At some shops, you can hardly buy a dress for this price, let alone an entire outfit!
And there you have it! A Coachella inspired outfit for a fraction of what people usually pay. While I won't be attending Coachella, I at least have a bad*ss outfit, and that's good enough for me!
Thanks for reading and let me know below what you would wear to Coachella!
Much love,
Gabriella xx



  1. i love your outfit,it is gorgeous and i love stores like H&M, New Look and F21,they are all my favs. I wish i could be at Coachella too. Another fab outfit post from one of my fav bloggers x

    1. Ahh girl you always put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you so much gorgeous!!! xx

  2. I know what you mean, looking at coachella from a phone screen just isn't as good as being there! I just keep telling myself 'one day'.
    Such a cute outfit! I love the bohemian style.
    Maija Lily Xx


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